The Phoenix Marriage

“Kyle and Tammy have packed this book with practical application and solid biblical guidance. The Phoenix Marriage lays out a crystal clear roadmap for marriage renewal. I believe Christian marriages should be the model of marriage in the world. What a powerful testimony and tool to reach people!” – Rob Ketterling, Lead Pastor, River Valley Church 

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We have come to accept that any marriage is at risk of collapse if one or both partners stop investing in the relationship. Likewise, any marriage – no matter how badly damaged – can be restored and made to flourish through honesty, transparency, prayer, and persistent prioritization of the relationship. 

 “In a world full of quitters, it takes true courage to commit to marriage renewal. If you want a field manual for restoring your relationship, get The Phoenix Marriage: God creates beauty out of ashes.” – Tony Jeary – The RESULTS Guy™



Like the mythical Phoenix, your marriage can emerge stronger and healthier than it was before. Marriage renewal is possible and The Phoenix Marriage provides practical guidance to restore your relationship.

“Excellent resource! I only wish this book had been published five years ago when my wife and I began the process of renewing our own marriage.” – Chris B., Husband and Father. Marriage restored in 2009.

Book Outline


  • God can save ANY marrigae
  • Marriages eventually get messy


Section I – Up in Flames

  • The Natural Arc of a Relationship
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Myths about Healing Relationships


Section II – Rebuild, Renew, and Restore

  • Lay the Foundation
  • Invest in the Relationship
  • Combating the Enemy


Section III – Beauty out of Ashes

  • Fortify your Marriage
  • Enjoy your Time Together
  • Prioritizing Your Marriage

“Kyle is a man on a mission to share God’s desire and plan for marriage restoration with as many couples as will listen. His story will encourage you. His passion will inspire you. And, the tools he has learned and applied will give you a plan to follow in your own marriage.” – Hans Molegraaf, Marriage Revolution